Light-heavyweights Antonio Carlos Junior (who won one of the international TUF offshoots) and local hero Daniel Kelly are up next and ready to dance.

They exchange kicks in the opening seconds, and after 30 seconds the Brazilian charges in and snags a takedown. Kelly is in deep water instantly, and when Carlos Junior takes his back and secures the body-locks, it’s as if he’s swimming with a cinder block chained to his neck. Carlos Junior has his back for over four minutes, and he only gets off of it to go for an armbar in the final ten seconds of the round.

Kelly ain’t having none of that jazz in the second round, though. Starting from the 30-second mark and stretching all the way to the latter half of the period, the Aussie starts stuffing every takedown Carlos Junior attempts, and Kelly becomes relentless in sticking his fist in the Brazilian’s face. It’s far from pretty, but Kelly’s got the kind of grit that is making life rough for his foe. The one time Carlos Junior is successful in getting him down, Kelly is dogged in his escapes, and he’s soon back on his feet.

Round 3 is where it all comes together for the underdog, as Carlos Junior goes for a sloppy shoot and Kelly stuffs him. Spinning around to the Brazilian’s back, Kelly unloads, and when Carlos Junior rolls over Kelly keeps punching. Not long after the ref is stepping in.


Results: Daniel Kelly def. Antonio Carlos Junior via TKO (Punches) at 1:36, R3