Aussie Bec Rawlings and South Korean Seo Hee Ham open up the UFC Fight Night 85 main card, and the word on Ham is that she’s a technical counter-puncher.

Rawlings, conversely, is a brawler, and this becomes apparent within 30 seconds as Ham starts nailing her with crisp one-twos. But the Aussie finds her range real quick, and she pegs Ham with a sweet cross and a lead hook repeatedly. It’s actually pretty entertaining violence, and when there’s a minute left in the first round, the duo trades punches like that’s the only thing they’ve been put on Earth to do.

Round 2 has Rawlings making all the necessary adjustments, with her head-movement enabling her to draw Ham out, make Ham miss, and make Ham eat leather. Showing her diversity, Rawlings catches a kick and takes her opponent down, and after dodging a triangle attempt, she takes Ham’s back and hunts for chokes and armbars. Eventually Ham escapes back to her feet, and in the final minute she tries to regain lost ground with her kickboxing.

It’s Ham’s turn to make adjustments, and she comes out for Round 3 on fire, picking Rawlings apart and forcing the Aussie to shoot. The takedown is stuffed, and the ensuing scramble has Rawlings stuck in a triangle. It takes her a long while to wiggle out of it, and back on the feet she’s exhausted and struggling to stay alive. Time rounds out with Rawlings trying to smoosh Ham through the cage and Ham trying to smite her.


Results: Bec Rawlings def. Seo Hee Ham via Unanimous Decision