Australia turned out to be a huge emerging market for the UFC, but still, you have to think that the cards they get are somewhat… meh. I mean, of course they got a huge fight in Ronda Rousey versus Holly Holm last year. However, for the most part, if you’re a fighter and your employer tells you you have to fly about 24 hours to get to your next job, you’re going to wonder if you did something wrong.

The only thing former champ Frank Mir did wrong was grow old. But alas, there he is, headlining Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 85 opposite local boy Mark Hunt (New Zealand is much closer to Australia than Las Vegas).

Conversely, the only thing Neil Magny has done wrong is snap an impressive win streak by losing convincingly to Demian Maia. Now he’s co-main eventing opposite Hector Lombard (who himself failed a drug test in his last fight).

Sure, these are sometimes good fighters. But Australia…?