Anderson Silva has gotten old. That’s the takeaway from last night’s UFC Fight Night 84 main event, which saw Silva battle Michael Bisping in a five-round scrap.

In years past, Silva’s ability to evade yet stay within range to counterstrike was a thing to behold. Remember how he took out Forrest Griffin? Rich Franklin? Stephan Bonnar? Well, he still has some of that left, but it wasn’t enough to prevent Bisping from corralling him with kicks and punches and rock him a couple times.

One such time came in the second round, when Bisping actually knocked Silva down.

Silva made some adjustments (he decided to dance less), and in the final sequence of Round 3 he dropped Bisping with a flying knee that almost was the end of the bout.

But it wasn’t, and the fourth and fifth rounds saw Silva make few mistakes yet somehow fail to convince the judges he deserved the decision.

Bisping took the unanimous decision, and with it comes the biggest win of his career.