Once upon a time, an unbeatable demi-god ruled over the middleweight division with unyielding divine fury. His kicks were bolts of lightning. His knees, earthquakes. His punches, the wind. His head movement, not of this Earth. He was Anderson Silva, the Brazilian nightmare of dominance and power, and mere mortals shook with fear when he entered the cage.

Then Chris Weidman broke him into little pieces, and Silva got busted for PEDs, and, well, now he’s just some human.

On February 27, at UFC Fight Night 84, Silva will headline alongside Michael Bisping. Years ago this match-up would’ve meant certain doom for the brash Brit, but nowadays, who knows. Maybe Bisping can sting him.

Either way, this is a fight that’s happening, and so the UFC has released some old fights to get you motivated. In the video below, you can watch Silva utterly outclass a juiced-to-the-gills Stephan Bonnar. Watch it, and reminisce about the greatness that was.