At this stage in their careers, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva will never be able to get past the elite of the middleweight division and taste championship gold – Bisping reached his ceiling not long after winning TUF, and “The Spider” simply got too old to pull off his Matrix moves.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t headline a UFC together, and for sure it doesn’t mean they can’t make for some compelling TV.

Below is the latest addition to the UFC’s content library, a show called “UFC Battle Lines” that delves deeply into the lives of its subjects (in this instance, Bisping and Silva in advance of their upcoming UFC Fight Night 84 main event scrap). While there’s been so much written and video’d about these two, it’s cool that there’s still something fresh out there to be mined – something this UFC Battle Lines does well.

Check it out.