Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva have top honors at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 84, but the co-main event fighters are worthy of some attention, too.

Gegard Mousasi and Thales Leites are in many ways like Bisping in Silva. First, they can strike, and often strike well. Second, ain’t no way they’re ever going to be a UFC champ. Though Mousasi was once the top dog in Strikeforce, getting clobbered by the likes of Uriah Hall and tapped out by Jacare show us that their are still chinks in his armor; Leites, meanwhile, can put away the UFC’s “B” team pretty handily, but when it comes to getting past someone like Bisping, well, no dice.

Be that as it may, they’re still co-main eventers, so the UFC has given them some “Embedded” treatment. Episode 1 is below, and it features Bisping, Mousasi and Leites all doing there pre-event stuff like chilling with their families and whatnot.

Give it a watch.