Sure, he’s old now and in his appearances in the cage – and wins – are getting fewer and more far between – but there was a time when Anderson Silva was on the rise.

When Rich Franklin was king, Silva was brought in to the UFC as a PRIDE vet with epic striking skills, which he put on display by wrecking iron-chinned TUF star Chris Leben. That earned the Brazilian a crack at the champ, and, well, the rest is history.

This Saturday Silva returns to action to face Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84. There is no greatness lying in either man’s future. But there still might be moments when they shine

Below is the video of Silva’s first fight against Franklin. Since it was only his second fight in the Octagon, Silva had yet to completely open up, so┬áhe’s pretty straight-forward in how he destroys the champ (as opposed to all the dancing he does in their second meeting).

Will we see any of that on Saturday? Who knows. It should be fun, though.