The “main event” of the FOX Sports 1 prelims have Alex Garcia and Sean Strickland mixing it up.

Strickland is taller and lankier, but he’s got some wrestling skills to boot, which enables him to keep Garcia from taking him down and push him to the canvas. Garcia is firing off up-kicks like crazy, though, so Strickland has to smother him to keep from eating foot. With two minutes to go in the frame Garcia gets the sweep and settles into his foe’s guard, and that’s the position they’re in when the horn sounds.

Garcia has the timing on his right cross down perfectly by the time the second round starts, and he uses it to knock Strickland’s head back more than a few times. The pair decrease their output greatly for the next couple minutes, content to just throw single kicks or punches and lean away, but in the final minute Strickland begins landing hard leg-kicks, forcing Garcia to take him down.

Round 3 begins with Strickland looking to land a counter or a kick, and Garcia times the latter to snag a leg and a takedown. They’re only down for about 30 seconds – Strickland is too wiley – and they resume doing the methodical one-strike dance. Thankfully, Strickland’s jab eventually gets through and rocks Garcia, and when Garcia starts stumbling, Strickland pours it on until his opponent drops.


Results: Sean Strickland def. Alex Garcia via TKO (Punches) at 4:25, R3