Former Invicta FC champ Lauren Murphy and newcomer Kelly Faszholz are up next.

Faszholz took this bout on short notice, and though she lacks the high-level experience of her foe, her expertise is in boxing – which she immediately employs to light up a pursuing Murphy. Still Murphy keeps coming, even after Faszholz drops her with a fist to the grill, and her grit has her eventually bloodying Fasholz’s nose. Murphy may have lost the round, but the momentum is hers.

Faszholz is a bloody mess in Round 2, and she’s gradually getting whittled down as more and more of Murphy’s punches get through. They keep banging it out, showcasing a ton of toughness, and in the final seconds of the round Faszholz secures a takedown.

Thirty seconds into Round 3 and Murphy gets a takedown herself. From within Faszholz’s guard, Murphy attempts a light ground and pound; meanwhile, Faszholz tries to tie her up and maybe hope for a referee standup. With a minute left in the round, Murphy finds mount, and rains down fists until blood is everywhere and the referee is forced to step in.


Result: Lauren Murphy def. Kelly Faszholz via TKO (Punches) at 4:55, R3