Shane Campbell and James Krause open up the main card.

Campbell’s background is Muay Thai, so of course Krause gives him no space and tries over and over to clinch and take him down. But even when he catches his opponent’s kicks Krause has trouble getting him to the canvas, and he actually does better work when he kickboxes with him. In the final 30 seconds of the round Krause takes his back standing and pulls him horizontal, and the clock runs down to zero with a tight rear naked choke around Campbell’s neck.

Round 2 sees Campbell dodge a takedown attempt and push Krause to ground. Krause threatens with an armbar from the bottom, and in the ensuing scramble, Krause finds a home on Campbell’s back. He cinches on another choke, but this time around Campbell fights out of it and gets back to his feet. By the time the round ends, they’ve swapped positions so many times it’s impossible to know who the judges favor.

They slow considerably in the third round, with their striking exchanges appearing as if they’re under water, and their clinch-work against the cage appearing pretty “huggy”. With about a minute and a half left, Campbell nails a sweet sweep and takes up back-mount and then mount. Krause is too exhausted to do much but survive – which he does until the horn sounds.


Result: James Krause def. Shane Campbell via Unanimous Decision