Dennis Bermudez was on a hot streak until he walked into a Jeremy Stephens flying knee, so now he gets to earn an easy win against a has-been from Japan in Tatsuya Kawajiri. Don’t get me wrong, when DREAM was a thing, Kawajiri helped make it awesome. But that was then, and this is now.

For the first minute and a half they circle, throwing only strikes from outside. Then Bermudez closes the distance, wraps his arms around his opponent’s waist and throws him the canvas. He flubs taking Kawajiri’s back, though, and he’s suddenly trying to work his way out from the bottom. Kawajiri succeeds in taking him down again and again whenever Bermudez wall-walks back up. He does no damage, but he’s in control until the horn sounds.

Bermudez comes out aggressive in Round 2, forcing Kawajiri to move backwards with punches and initiating the clinch on his terms. Kawajiri desperately latches on and hunts for a takedown, but this time around Bermudez mixes his sprawling with some hard brawling, and Kawajiri is battered by the time the round ends.

Leg-kicks, right hands, a high-amplitude takedown, stifling ground and pound against the cage -Bermudez uses it all against Kawajiri in Round 3. Not once does Kawajiri put him in danger, and he cruises to a decision win.


Result: Dennis Bermudez def. Tatsuya Kawajiri via Unanimous Decision