The final fight of the Fight Pass prelims is another female bantamweight bout – this one pitting Ashlee Evans-Smith against Marion Reneau.

They waste no time engaging, but it takes them a couple minutes to find their range, so there’s a ton of kicks and punches hitting air. That is, until Reneau chases Evans-Smith down with about a ten-punch combo and finally catches her and rocks her against the cage. Evans-Smith recovers, but first blood goes to Reneau. They continue their striking contest, but in the waning seconds Reneau jumps into a guillotine that would’ve been the end of the bout if not for the horn sounding.

The second round lacks the drama of the first, with both ladies seemingly content to pick and choose their strikes and not go for broke. It’s a close one, but Reneau probably takes it because of her speed and accuracy.

Reneau’s kicks to Evans-Smith’s thigh are ever present, but Evans-Smith catches oneĀ and briefly gets to stand over her opponent wondering what to do before the referee stands them up. In the final 20 seconds gets a clinch against the cage, and final sequence has them throwing strikes out of range.


Result: Ashlee Evans-Smith def. Marion Reneau via Split Decision