Brazilian Leonardo Augusto Leleco and Anthony Smith are up next.

Taller, and with the kind of arms that can punch you from a mile away, Smith comes out stalking, forcing Leleco to fight long and carefully. For his part, Leleco gets in a couple kicks and punches, but Smith is throwing jumping knees, elbows, right hands and high-kicks and the Brazilian is getting the worst of it. The round ends with Leleco bloody but trying desperately to bang.

Smith is confident and in full “predator” mode in the opening of Round 2, and then Leleco just starts brawling and tagging him repeatedly in the face. The American switches to grappling, securing a takedown lest he get knocked unconscious, and on the ground he dominates position while battering Leleco with leather. Amazingly, the referee stands them up with less than a minute left, and Leleco gets the takedown and starts redistributing some of that pain.

Round 3 begins with Leleco throwing bolos and forcing Smith to shell up and stumble, and the Brazilian digs into him with soul-crushing body blows. Smith goes for a takedown, is stuffed, and is stuck turtled as Leleco hammerfists him. There’s another maddening standup – this ref sucks – and time runs out with Leleco in top position and Smith struggling to survive.


Result: Anthony Smith def. Leonardo Augusto Leleco via Unanimous Decision