At this point, the producers who put together the preview videos on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone have to be in quite a pickle. I mean, they’ve captured on film him doing nearly every death-defying stunt imaginable, filmed countless hours of him in the gym, and have shined a spotlight on just about anything to do with our intrepid fighter. They have to be running out of ideas!

That is, of course, a serious problem when Cowboy has a fight coming up – which he does, next Sunday, at UFC Fight Night 83. He’s headlining against another dude whose nickname is “Cowboy”, and, well, what the heck kind of content can they put up that hasn’t already been touched upon?

The video below is simply Cerrone rapping about life and his competitive ethos. But mark my words: soon we’ll be treated to vids of him sitting on the crapper reading the newspaper, and him doing laundry.

It’s inevitable.