When the history books talk of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, they’ll undoubtedly recognize him for his willingness to fight, and fight, and fight again.

(Also, they’ll point out that he was an adrenaline-junkie loon, but that’s another story.)

This Sunday, the UFC comes at us with another installment – this one dubbed UFC Fight Night 83 and featuring in the main event Cowboy versus Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira. The storyline going into this one is Cerrone is coming off a recent crushing loss to lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos, so screw it, he’s getting back in there with a short, two-month turnaround at welterweight. He apparently doesn’t believe in layoffs, so yeah, there’s that.

To convince you to tune in instead of watching “The Walking Dead” (which I will DVR and watch immediately after the Cowboy vs. Cowboy main event), the UFC has released some preview videos. Watch them below.