I thought Dominick Cruz was pretty cool when he ruled the WEC and then transitioned to being the UFC’s inaugural bantamweight champ, but every since the injuries that sidelined him for years at a time, he’s had to pick up work as an on-camera TV analyst, and I’ve gotten to see how razor-sharp his mind and wit are. Good lord, that dude is awesome.

If you tuned in to the UFC last night, you saw a clip hyping next weekend’s UFC Fight Night 81, which will have TJ Dillashaw defending his belt against Cruz. The clip had Dillashaw on one stool, Cruz on another, and Jon Anik in between the two.

Cruz utterly tore Dillashaw apart. I mean, I can almost believe that Dillashaw is already mentally broken – and the fight hasn’t even started.

The best part is that Cruz isn’t even a trashtalker like, say Conor McGregor. He’ll tell you you suck, he’ll give you concise reasons, demand to know how you think you can win, disprove your theory with logic, and finish it all by calling you a fool.

Of course, Cruz didn’t get his upcoming title shot simply because he can lay down some serious words. He can also do this: