In my opinion, the greatest thing about the UFC’s Fight Pass network isn’t the accessibility  (even though it makes watching fights pretty damn accessible – I’ve watched entire UFCs while sitting on the crapper!). No, it’s the fact that we get to watch events live from all over the world at crazy times. Case in point: Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 79, which takes place in Seoul, South Korea, and, as a result, has a main card starting at 8am EST on Saturday morning.

Watching a UFC at 8am in the morning? That’s crazy!

Anyway, this one is headlined by former lightweight champ Benson Henderson versus Jorge Masvidal. That’s really the only matchup that features two recognizable names, but heck, it’s a good one, so whatevs.

To get you all hyped for what’s to come, the UFC has released the following videos. Take a gander, and see if it doesn’t motivate you to skip watching cartoons and tune into this instead.