Screw the haters and what they think. Uriah Hall is a badass.

From his time in the minor leagues, when his only clear and convincing loss was to a rising star named Chris Weidman, to his time on TUF – where he become a superstar – to his ups and downs in the UFC proper, he’s always been a guy capable of decapitating anyone. Sure, his losses since that TUF 17 season where Dana White and company couldn’t stop raving about him have been generally due to Hall holding back too much and not cutting loose enough, but dammit, when he goes into “kill mode”, someone is getting dead. That’s thrilling to watch.

This Saturday, at UFC Fight Night 73, Hall is headlining the prelim card on FOX Sports 2, and he’s taken on promotional newcomer Omuwale Bamgbose. Like Hall, Bamgbose is a Ring of Combat champ who’s so dangerous, he’s left a trail of bodies in his wake. And he’s pure aggression, which means he won’t dance around Hall for three maddening rounds. Bamgbose and Hall WILL fight.

To hype Hall’s fight, the UFC has released this video on him. Watch it for a keener look at the guy. And cross your fingers for that moment when Hall switches over from “holding back” to “unbridled fury”, ’cause that unbridled fury stuff is awesome when he brings it.