UFC Fight Night 63, whose name is a misnomer because the event started at 11am and should be called “Fight Afternoon” or something, is now one for the history books. Asses were kicked, decisions were eked out, and some people got paid. Now we can speculate on what to do with the winners!

  • Chad Mendes – This top featherweight challenger took out opponent Ricardo Lamas so fast on Saturday, you had to wonder why this version never shows up whenever he fights champ Jose Aldo. Since Mendes has pretty much TKO’d all who’ve stood before him lately (other than Aldo), he’s cemented himself as the clear-cut number two in the division who will never get to be number one as long as the Brazilian is king. So give him McGregor, whether McGregor wins or loses in his title bid. I mean, we’ve already seen Mendes lose to Aldo twice – do we need to see that again?
  • Julianna Pena – She won TUF, now she’s won her first post-TUF bout. Following the standard TUF winner formula, Pena should either be fighting Aaron Riley or Joe Lauzon next. Just kidding. She’s going to get a female fighter she can beat so as to increase the value of her stock. Paging Liz Carmouche?
  • Al Iaquinta – He squeaked by Jorge Masvidal after having a rough first round, and though some might not agree with the decision, the fact is Iaquinta has been steadily amassing wins. Give him another name fighter to compete against. Maybe Josh Thomson?
  • Clay Guida – How Guida has stayed relevant this long is a mystery, but kudos to him for nailing the win here and there and keeping in the game. Maybe give him Masvidal and see what happens.
  • Michael Chiesa – He’s clearly not elite yet, but this TUF winner has got some skill and ability. Heck, pit him against Guida. I mean, why not?