Despite having a combat sports expiration date that has long since passed, tall Brazilian glass of Muay Thai milk Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is still headlining UFCs – this time around claiming a spot in the marquee bout for UFC Fight Night 56, opposite Jimi Manuwa on November 8 in Brazil. Yes, Shogun has kicked much ass over the years, with his lovely KO of James Te Huna last December still fresh in our minds. But in his last trip to the cage he was utterly destroyed by Dan Henderson, and let’s face facts – the clock has run out on Shogun’s ability to take a punch. Now he’s nothing more than a living example of the perils of accumulated head trauma.

Ultimately, it’s Shogun’s decision to keep fighting when maybe he shouldn’t be. He has yet to reach “Chuck Liddell” levels of incapability, so Dana White doesn’t need to step in and stageĀ an intervention. Come on, though. It’s obvious Shogun’s best days are behind him. Can he still defeat tomato cans? Sometimes. But those instances happen much less frequently than him requiring a CT scan after a fight.

Anyway, here’s Shogun’s last win. Soak it in.