Yet another installment of UFC Fight Night awaits us at the end of the week, this one titled UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Nelson (for Mark Hunt versus Roy Nelson – duh), and slated to go down in Japan and come to us here on the East Coast via UFC Fight Pass at 3:30AM on Saturday morning. Honestly, there are maybe a couple interesting fights that would make getting up that early (or staying up that late) worthwhile. Hunt against Nelson is one of them, Takanori Gomi against Myle Jury is another… yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Oh, but wait – Miesha Tate is also fighting, and if you ever gazed upon one of Tate’s more racier pics and thought, “She’s trying to sell that sex appeal thing, isn’t she?” then your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head when you get a load of her opponent, Rin Nakai. Nakai is a fairly decent fighter from Japan who’s never lost and has been calling Pancrase home for the last few years.

She also makes Tate look wholesome.

Watch the video below for some clips of Nakai in action. Also, you’ll see her in lingerie eating ice cream, and… well, let’s just say those Japanese have weird tastes.