Once again we were graced with a pair of UFCs over the weekend, which means that once again we got to see a bunch of fighters get the crap beat out of them and earn a spot on the “Suck List”.

Do people on the Suck List truly suck at the sport of mixed martial arts? Nah, not always. For instance, Benson Henderson is on this list because of the hurting Rafael dos Anjos put on him, but the dude was champ for a spell and has been (and will continue to be) a contender for a while. There are, however, some others on this list who aren’t so highly regarded.

Yeah, they suck.

-Cung Le: Le did great work putting Rich Franklin into semi-retirement in his last outing, but the former Strikeforce champ was at the peak of his abilities back when he worked for Scott Coker. Since then, we’ve been getting a version of Le who is old, focused on acting, and a shadow of his former dangerous self. Michael Bisping gave this cat one hell of a beating at UFC Fight Night Macao on Saturday morning, and it’s hard to imagine something similar not happening the next time Le steps into the Octagon. Le, welcome to the list!

-Dong Hyun Kim: Kim is all heart and flashy technique, which has a ton of appeal in its own right, but it when faced with someone explosive enough to exploit the holes in his defenses, it’s lights out. Such was the case with Tyron Woodley, who smashed the popular South Korean with a quickness in UFC Fight Night Macao’s co-main event. Thankfully, the UFC has been trying hard to break into the Asian market for ages, so there’ll always be a spot for the “Stun Gun” in the organization. Let’s just hope he doesn’t fight anyone that good…

-Elizabeth Phillips: She lost a split decision at UFC Fight Night Macao, and then she goes “full retard” on her Facebook, saying she hates the UFC. Phillips, welcome to the Suck List.

-Chris Heatherly: Finished by a Ben Saunders omo plata at UFC Fight Night 49? Dude, no one gets finished by those in the Octagon. Your name should be on this list twice.

-Mike Pyle: It’s okay to rock a mullet, you just have to be able to back it up. And for the most part, Pyle is able to back it up – he’s taken out the likes of Ricardo Almeida, Josh Neer and Rick Story. But not Saturday night. No, opponent Jordan Mein sent him to Dreamland in a minute and 12 seconds. Sorry Mike, but you’re on this list.

-Ben Henderson: No one has ever TKO’d “Bendo” before, so props to Dos Anjos for breaking new ground. And props to Henderson for slugging it out and making for a thrilling little scrap. Yeah, the former champ is on this list, but he’s still on of the best in the division and he’d kill most of the rest of the lightweights on the roster. Henderson will be back.