Fight fans! The UFC makes its long awaited return tonight with UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. St Preux, also known as UFC Fight Night 47.

The event marks ZUFFA’s first trip to the state of Maine, with high-flying light heavyweight Ovince St Preux topping the card against the always-tough Ryan Bader in the main event.

UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. St Preux is broadcast live on Fox Sports 1 in the US. Join us here for full play-by-play of the main card in about 30 minutes!

Undercard results:

Bamtamweights: Frankie Saenz defeated Nolan Ticman by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Middleweights: Tom Watson defeated Sam Alvey by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Women’s Bantamweights: Sara McMann defeated Lauren Murphy by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Flyweights: Jussier Formiga defeats Zach Makovsky by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Main Card:

Show begins with Jon Anik and Kenny Florian hyping this show, which really doesn’t look good on paper — but maybe it will surprise. Anik calls St Preux a “dark horse” in the division, and they remind us Bader “almost finished” Glover Teixera in a recent bout. Man, is Anik’s tie horrible.

Commercial for TUF, coming up Sept 10. I’m actually somewhat excited for it.

Featherweights: Thiago Tavares vs. Robbie Peralta

Two sluggers, Tavares with the edge in experience and size, but he’s making his FW debut. He enters a -165 favorite.

Round One: Tavares in on a single leg, gets right to side and tries to take the back. Peralta gets to his feet but Tavares drags him down to back mount with hooks. Peralta keeps wrist control momentarily but gets flattened out. Tavares with a big flurry of punches! Roundhouses and hammer-fists! He goes for the choke but gives it up and gets mount. Complete control for Tavares as we’re halfway through the round. Tavares’ pace slows but he keeps position and lands a few. Peralta looks to bridge but gives his back in transition. Tavares locks in the rear naked choke and the tap comes quickly.

Thiago Tavares defeats Robbie Peralta by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:27 of round one.

A patient and dominant performance by Tavares. In a post-fight interview, the Brazilian describes the drop to featherweight as “too hard, but I did it anyway.” He calls out Sean Shelby to fight one of his teammates and hypes another.

Heavyweights: Shawn Jordan vs. Jack May

Big boys! May is 6’8″ and 247, Jordan 6’0 and 260. May fancies himself a catch wrestler and is cornered by Erik Paulson. The more experienced Jordan is a -200 favorite.

Round One: Southpaw Jordan takes the outside, May looking for his right leg kick. May switches to southpaw… and back. Nice right from May. Jordan counters with a 1-2, quick for such a big guy. May with a front kick to the body. Nice round kick to the body from May. They exchange punches, Jordan counters with a 3-2 nicely. Jordan has a little cut on the bridge of his nose. Not much action but May out-landing, especially to the body. A minute left… Jordan with a double leg to counter an advancing May. May in half guard. A few punches to the body from Jordan. Close — but I’ve got it 10-9, May.

Round Two: May looking for the jab to begin, lands… then lands a hard left hook. May stalking now and Jordan looking confused. Big left hook shakes Jordan! May follows up with punches and Jordan gets a takedown to stop the barrage. Good shots from Jordan and he advances to mount! Whoa! May spins out but Jordan ends up in side control. Nice forearm shots from Jordan. This fight got interesting. Jordan looking for kata-gatame and gets mount as time expires. Both guys with great moments so I’m calling that even, 10-10.

Round Three: Big takedown to start from Jordan and on come the punches! Jordan to back mount. Great hammerfist from mount. Jordan pours it on, big punches to the head, and the ref steps in!

Shawn Jordan defeats Jack May by TKO (punches) at 2:03 of round three.

Jordan does a back flip when I’m not looking. Florian describes the fight as “a very important fight in the heavyweight division” but I just don’t see it. Can’t see either guy anywhere near challenging for the title.

Welterweights: Seth Baczynski vs. Alan Jouban

UFC debutante Jouban is a former model, said to be a Muay Thai specialist, and also holds a brown belt under Eddie Bravo. Baczynski has quietly enjoyed a three year or so UFC career, with five wins, and he’s a -140 minor favorite here.

Round One: Both guys circling, with southpaw Jouban landing a couple right hooks. Jouban with some leg kicks inside and outside. Huge left hook lands from Baczynski to send Jouban to a knee. They disengage and Baczynski hits a double leg takedown. Jouban escapes to his feet but Baczynski landing his punching combo’s. Jouban misses a spinning backfist and BAM! Lands a right-left combo to the head. A big left blasts Baczynski in dreamland. Nice KO for the newcomer.

Alan Jouban defeats Seth Baczynski by KO (left hook) at 4:23 of round one.

HA! Well played, Lee.

All finishes so far (after all decisions on the undercard), so we get lots of hype for the upcoming Dilleshaw vs. Barao PPV. Rogan promises a “special version” of Barao this time.

Middleweights: Tim Boetsch vs. Brad Tavares

Two longtime UFC middleweights who haven’t quite broken through to the top. Boetsch finally gets a chance to fight in his home state and gets a nice ovation. Tavares is a -280 favorite, originally from Hawaii.

Round One: Tavares looking for the double leg takedown to begin but no dice. Against the cage, Boetsch looking for a leg reap. Nice elbow from Tavares. They clinch again, another nice elbow and Boetsch is cut. They disengage. Punching exchange where Tavares hits a nice uppercut. Boetsch slips a punch and lands a hard right. Tavares momentarily stunned but gets Boetsch’s back standing. Knees to the body and head as Boetsch is forced against the cage. Dominant round for Tavares, 10-9.

Round Two: Tavares sprawls out of a takedown and forces Boetsch back against the cage. A few short shots from both guys. Boetsch cut looks worse. They disengage. Good right from Boetsch. Tavares moving around laterally well. Clinch again with Tavares totally dominant with under hooks. Boetsch then — boom! lands a big left hook to knock Tavares to the canvas. Tavares recovers to run right into another and a big right. He’s out! Big upset comeback win for Boetsch.

Tim Boetsch defeats Brad Tavares by KO (punches) at 3:18 of round two.

Maine crowd is going nuts for Boetsch, who mentions it was an honor to fight Tavares, but it was more of an honor to fight in Maine. Tough break for Tavares who brings a lot more to the table, but there’s just no room for error against a guy with power wearing 5 oz gloves.

We’re getting ready for the co-main. Josh Koscheck is describing someone named Greg Maynor. Stann’s high on Pearson and his footwork. We shall see…

Lightweights: Gray Maynard vs. Ross Pearson

Pearson is a -175 favorite over old warrior Maynard, who has lost thee of his last four.

Round One: Nice left hook from Maynard. Pearson looking for his jab. He counters with a good right to the body as Maynard advances. Maynard shoots for the double. Pearson keeps his feet but absorbs some hard punches to the body. Maynard establishing his jab well. Pearson with a high kick. Maynard with another double. Pearson able to fight to his feet and land a jab. Body kick glances by Pearson. Maynard 10-9.

Round Two: Maynard keeps boxing well, and sets up a double again. Clinches Pearson against the cage. Nice left hook to the body from Maynard. But BOOM! Maynard runs into a Pearson right. Pearson staggered, steps backward and is clipped by a 2-3 combo. A few punches on the ground and that’s it.

Ross Pearson defeats Gray Maynard by TKO (punches) at 1:35 of round two.

Pearson says he’s coming for the top of the world. Anik congratulates him on his upcoming wedding, too. That’s nice. The thing is — I feel we learned more about Maynard’s deteriorating chin than Pearson’s improvement.

Main event time. Bader says he’ll make OSP quit. OSP is hyped for his athleticism and power. We shall see..

Light Heavyweights: Ryan Bader vs. Ovince St Preux

OSP a slight (+155) underdog. Bader may be the more proven commodity but a lot of us like St Preux’s career trajectory…

Round One:
Bader circling away to start, away from the southpaw’s power. Bader with a shot and gets the takedown, right into side control. A few short elbows from Bader. OSP turtles, makes it to his feet. High kick from OSP. Left/right from OSP glances. Bader with a counter left. Nice jab from Bader who looks for the double. OSP shrugs it off. OSP wings with a haymaker to the body. Such an odd style. Bader is using his footwork well. Another double leg into side control as time expires. 10-9, Bader.

Round Two:
Bader with the better footwork to set up his short punching. OSP with a big body kick. Bader disengages a bit and slows his attack. OSP with more of his awkward striking to little effect, but he’s avoiding every takedown. Slow round. Bader fails with a right, stumbles to his guard. OSP on top, lands a pair of lefts as Bader fights to his feet. Bader falls in for a takedown as time winds down. Not a great round for either. 10-10.

Round Three: OSP plods forward throwing wild punches. Bader mostly avoids them. Bader misses a right but closes in and gets a takedown. OSP spins up to his feet, but is whipped right back to the canvas. Bader in side, then half guard, then OSP gets back up. Bader with a right and another big double leg. Bader with body shots in OSP’s guard… then to half, where he attacks with elbows to the head. OSP back to his feet. Right to the head in clinch from Bader right before time expires. 10-9, Bader.

Round Four: OSP lands a big winging punch. Bader again disengages a bit. We’re slowing down again. OSP with another roundhouse shot, this one to the body. Bader looking for a takedown and eats another body shot, but eventually gets the double. Bader looking for the back as OSP turtles. Bader looking for a suplex and eventually powers St Preux back down to the canvas. Bader with punches to the head. 10-9, Bader.

Round Five: Bader and OSP pacing about, OSP looking for his haymakers. Whoa! OSP clinches and gets a takedown. Bader fights to his feet and gets a hip throw. OSP fights his way up and gets another takedown. Neither guy doing anything with these. They fight to their feet, and Bader lands a right. Bader’s round, again. 10-9 Bader.

Bader clearly wins what was not a compelling fight.

Ryan Bader defeats Ovince St Preux by unanimous decision (49-47, 49-46, 49-49).

Thanks for joining us! See you next time.