-Robert Whittaker vs. Mike Rhodes

Round 1: No time is wasted for a feeling-out process, as these two come forward, stand about two feet away from each other, and start probing with jabs, crosses and kicks. Whittaker begins to land more and more by the midway point of the round – his timing and counter-punching enabling him to test Rhodes’ chin – but when the round ends they’re still probing and dancing.

Round 2: Again Whittaker lands with the counters, so Rhodes turns to takedown attempts to get his foe thinking. Whittaker, who won TUF: Smashies, is adept at remaining on his feet, but for a minute he’s forced to adjust. He does, and with the addition of feints, double-jabs and a variety of kicks from different angles, he does some serious work chipping away at the American.

Round 3: Rhodes is still in it, and finds success throwing combinations, but Whittaker starts throwing elbows and scores a takedown at the two-minute mark, and Rhodes is suddenly an exhausted and bloody dude struggling to get vertical. He can’t, and a referee stand-up with ten seconds in the round does nothing in terms of changing their respective fortunes.

Result: Robert Whittaker def. Mike Rhodes via Unanimous Decision