-Hatsu Hioki vs. Charles Oliveira

Round 1: Oliveira immediately starts reaching for takedowns, and Hioki briefly threatens with a flying triangle attempt. The Brazilian turns the tables with a jumping arm-in guillotine attempt. Hioki escapes, gets thrown to the canvas, and shimmies out to take Oliveira’s back. Oliveira deftly slips away and gets back to his feet. Two close D’Arce attempts, some sweet reversals and takedowns and one thing is clear: these guys are high-level jiu-jitsu players in a tight chess match.

Round 2: The throw a minimal amount of leather before once again tying up, and immediately Hioki gets a takedown and Oliveira counters with a heelhook attempt. Unfortunately, when they start to return to their feet Hioki accidentally pokes his opponent in the eye, so there’s a brief break for the doc to check on the Brazilian. They resume, throw punches, and Hioki again gets the takedown and must battle through Oliveira’s ultra-dangerous guard. In an amazing sequence, Hioki takes Oliveira’s back, and when Oliveira escapes he falls back into what seems to be a Peruvian Necktie/guillotine hybrid. Hioki taps out.

Result: Charles Oliveira def. Hatsu Hioki via Submission (Choke) at 4:32, R2