The second fight of the UFC Fight Night 39: Nogueira vs. Nelson main card in Abu Dhabi featured a decent amount of action throughout its three rounds, but was marred by a groin shot which forced a near five minute halt to the bout.

In the end, Ryan LaFlare was awarded a unanimous decision over John Howard in the Welterweight contest.

Top prospect LaFlare dominated much of the action with his trademark takedowns and a bit of good ground-and-pound. But Howard had his moments, including a third round left hook which staggered LaFlare and led to a Howard takedown.  LaFlare was a bit more effective in the clinch, but overall Howard acquitted himself well and the final verdict was difficult to predict.

Howard visibly slowed after a knee to the groin in the second round, leading to a long halt in the bout. He could be seen wincing even as the decision was rendered. Strangely, no scores were announced.

At UFC Fight Night 39: Nogueira vs. Nelson, Ryan LaFlare defeated John Howard by unanimous decision.