Welcome to CagedInsider’s live coverage of UFC Fight Night 33: “Hunt vs. Bigfoot”, which is taking place in Brisbane, Australia. In the main event, New Zealand slugger Mark Hunt looks to get back on track against the Brazilian behemoth Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, while in the co-main, the legendary Mauricio “Shogun” Rua takes on up-and-coming Kiwi James Te-Huna.

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Facebook Prelim

Alex Garcia vs. Ben Wall

Alex Garcia comes out looking like a physical brute. Slight feeling out process. Heavy front Kick by Garcia followed by heavy right hands. Another HEAVY right uppercut from Garcia and…..BOOM!! Thats a wrap.


Result: Alex Garcia wins by KO 43 seconds into round 1.

FOX Sports 2 Prelims

Krzysztof Jotko vs. Bruno Santos

Ok second fight comin up. Jotko moves out toward the fence kinda playing the movement game as Santos kinda stalks and measures. Over a minute in and not much going on. Jotko getting the jab going but nothing thrown with much authority yet. Santos gets going and goes for a single leg. Santos is working hard to get in deep enough. They’re up against the cage and Jotko switches it up and puts Santos on his back. Santos sweeps out from bottom and they’re on their feet again. Santos goes for another takedown/throw and almost gets it but Jotko counters and now their back up against the fence again. Crowd getting a tad restless. The ref too apparently and then Santos goes for another throw which he gets. But again Jotko able to get back up. Santos lands to the body and again they are jockeying for position against the cage. They continue that until the round closes. Tough round to call but….

Round 1 goes to Santos 10-9 on our scorecard

Round 2

The second round begins and what do you know? More cage grappling. Jotko starts working the jab a bit and Santos responds by going for that single again.  Santos working the body in the clinch pretty good with knees. Jotko reverses and returns the favor with a few knees of his own. More jabs from Jotko but nothing of note landing. Santos goes for yet another single leg but Jotko continues to stuff it and gives Santos a few punches for good measure. Santos switches it up by throwing a decent knee and goes right back to work for the takedown but Jotko aint having it and works for his own TD. We get some dirty boxing from both guys up against the fence. Finally Jotko connects clean with a nice left hook, pretty slick. Santos hurt briefly but gets up to his feet. Things warming up a little.

10-9 Jotko for round 2

Round 3

Final round and Jotko moving and countering and actually connecting a bit more. Santos finally gets in pretty good on a double leg and completes the TD with authority. Santos tries to work a little ground n pound but Jotko’s guard is pretty much preventing that. Santos passes and then real nice takes Jotko’s back. But Jotko able to reverse and get on top, also pretty slick. Jotko opens up with some good ground n pound and Santos tries to secure a arm triangle from his back, not gona happen. Jotko hangs in and lands a pretty clean shot before the final bell.


Result: Giving it to Jotko 10-9

The judges agree and Krzysztof Jotko gets the Unanimous decision win 

Justin Scoggins vs. Richie Vaculik

Ok moving on to the next one. Vaculik gets off 1st lands a nice right hand. But Scoggins returns the favor and nails Vaculik with a good body kick. Scoggins must’ve been watching the last fight and goes for a single but he gets it done and gets Vaculik down by the fence. Vaculik gets up and tries to create distance but is nailed with a big right in the process. Vaculik is down and Scoggins is trying to pour it on but Vaculik recovers and seems to be ok. Scoggins now on top and lands some nice shots before Vaculik gets up and tries to recover for a second by clinching against the cage. Scoggins working the elbow strikes very nicely though and then he takes Vaculik down again. Scoggins gets the mount and Vaculik rolls to avoid getting hit but surrenders his back, not good. Scoggins is undeterred though and decides to punch away for a possible finish. OUCH! he gets it with hard rights from top position! Damn!

Result: Justin Scoggins gets the TKO win with just over 15 ticks left on the clock.

Caio Magalhaes vs. Nick Ring

Ring comes out aggressive trying to land big punches off the bat. Ring throws a nice high kick but it looks like it was blocked. Magalhaes lands to the body nicely. A break in the action as Magalhaes gets poked in the eye. As expected as they resume Magalhaes comes at Ring hard with big punches but cannot find the chin. Ring wraps him up in the clinch where they work for a second then Magalhaes lands a nice knee to the gut and a hard leg kick as they seperate. Magahaes goes for a double but Ring defends pretty good, they are now against the cage. Ring reverses position but eats a good shot in the process. Ring returns the favor with some knees. Magalhaes punches his way to the clinch again and Ring decks him with a sneaky lil elbow. Ring goes for the TD and gets it despite Magalhaes fence grabbing. Magalhaes goes for a heel hook as Ring tries to advance position, he defends well. Back on the feet and Ring hits a nice TD but right into a Magalhaes guillotine. Round ends as both escape to their feet.

Giving that round to Ring, 10-9

Magalhaes slips as he throws a kick but gets back up, Ring goes to clinch but gets clipped good with a right hand. Magalhaes comes with a poorly set up shot, Ring defends and gets a TD of his own. Ring gets to side mount and looks to be going for the crucifix and throwing short elbows. Magalhaes sweeps very nicely but Ring’s guard is effective at mitigating any attacks. The round ends as Ring goes for a sub from his back, probably a triangle.

Im giving Ring that round as well 10-9

Round 3 underway, not much going on both guys look a little tired. Magalhaes opens up with some right hands and ends up on top of Ring. Ref stands them up and Ring almost right away shoots another single leg attempt, Magalhaes defends, and defends some more. Ok back on the feet and Ring shoots again wow, lots of TD attempts here. Magalhaes sprawls and attscks the body at the same time. Ring cant quite get the TD and Magalhaes is punching him as he works.

That round definitely goes to Magalhaes 10-9

Result: Caio Magalhaes gets the official decision win 29-28 across the board

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Nam Phan

Mizugaki working the jab as Phan working the body and some jabs as well. Mizugaki continues to throw and lands the better shots as he and Phan trade punches. Phan going to the body as he so often does. Mizugaki switches it up and goes for a TD almost getting Phan on his back if not for the cage. Mizugaki nails Phan with a few shots to the face as Phan tries to post and stand. Mizugaki looking great landing with more jabs and another TD. Again Phan stands and again Mizugaki lands a few punches to the grill. Mizugaki lands probably the hardest punch yet in a right hook to the head and follows up with a left to the liver. Phan is still game but starting to look outmatched. Mizugaki goes to the liver again (OUCH!) and again ending the round very strong.

Definitely giving that round to Mizugaki 10-9

2nd round starts with Mizugaki missing a few shots but still aggressive. He fakes a TD and slugs Phan with a left hand. Phan eats another left and it looks like Mizugaki is very much on as he hurts Phan bad. Phan survives and in the next exchange goes to the body of Mizugaki. Mizugaki comes back with strikes and goes for a TD but cant get it. Mizugaki ends up behind Phan and Phan counters with the threat of a Kimura, Mizugaki comes back to the front and lands a TD but cant do much with it. Phan finally lands clean to the chin but it doesnt hurt Mizugaki and he ends the round with a hard right of his own.

Another round for Mizugaki 10-9

Round 3 starts with Phan actually getting the better of the exchanges. Mizugaki is still looking sharp however and lands to the body before shooting the TD and getting stuffed by Phan. Phan tries that Kimura again but Mizugaki is having none of it. Phan lands with a good hook, than defends a TD attempt from Mizugaki. Looks like Phan is getting a 2nd wind and opens up nicely landing some punches. But Mizugaki is not done and returns fire before the 2 fighters trade left hooks. Mizugaki gos for another TD but Phan defends well, Mizugaki than stuns Phan with another good left. The fight ends and although it as his best round, Im still giving Mizugaki round 3 as well.

Result: Takeya Mizugaki wins the fight by Unanimous decision

FOX Sports 1 Main Card

Bethe Correia vs. Julie Kedzie

Kedzie starts with the strikes throwing a kick and a few punches. Correia starts moving forward and lands clean with a left to the head. Kedzie using the snap front kick again before Correia lands some leg kicks. Correia tries to stuff Kedzie to the fence but Kedzie keeps moving. Correia lands to the body and then to the head. Correia clinches again as Kedzie tries to gain the upper hand. Kedzie lands a knee to the body and then Correia goes for a double leg TD as the bell sounds.

Close round but I give Correia for being a bit more effective.

Round 2 sees Kedzie throwing her front kicks again but Correia is undeterred and lands a pair of solid left hands. Kedzie opening up with the Tae Kwon Do and throws another front kick to the body. Correia clinches yet again trying to bully Kedzie a little. Kedzie works knees and than a kick and Correia just misses a money left hook. Correia clinches at the fence again but Kedzie makes her pay with knees to the body.

Round 2 goes to Kedzie 10-9

Round 3 opens with a nice exchange but nothing lands with much force. Kedzie still using her kicks to pretty nice effect but Correia gets a TD. Correia eventually gets the back of Kedzie but Kedzie escapes. Kedzie throws another flashy kick but Correia is not impressed. Correia attacks the legs with kicks of her own. The 2 women trade a punch for a kick as the fight ends.

I give round 3 to Kedzie 10-9

Result: The judges give Correia the nod however via split decision win for the Brazilian 

Dylan Andrews vs. Clint Hester

Round 1

Hester catches Andrews with a big right hook to start things off  and then backs off before landing another to the midsection. Hester throws another big right over the top but Andrews avoids the brunt of it and manages to body lock Hester for a TD.  Andrews looking primarily to advance position with very little ground n pound. Andrews tries to pin down Hester’s arm but Hester is too strong. Hester eventually reverses position and gets on top. Andrews then gets his own reversal and they scramble back to their feet. Andrews scores a slick little trip but they are back up again shortly after. Andrews then scores his best TD yet but runs out of time

10-9 Andrews for round 1

Round 2

Andrews goes for a TD in the center of the cage. Andrews working the leg kicks and Hester fires a kick up the middle. Andrews lands a right and Hester gets a brutish TD. Andrews tries to stall with a body lock and after eating an elbow from Hester and than a shot to the body Hester looks to turn it up a little more. Hester lands a brutal right elbow from top. Andrews locking up Hester’s body to try and get a stand up. Andrews kind of has Hester’s back but from the bottom position. Hester lands a big right as they stand. Hester looks a little winded, he is huge and requires a ton of O2 I’d imagine. The 2 take a break in the center of the cage and trade jabs in the last 10 seconds obviously still tired.

10-9 Hester

Andrews dislocated his shoulder during round 2 and the fight is over. A shame too it was looking like a great fight.

Result: Clint Hester wins by TKO (injury) and improves to 2-0 in the UFC

Pat Barry vs. Soa Palelei

Here we go Palelei goes immediately for the clinch and Barry defends nicely. Barry throws a huge high kick that misses. Palelei lands the double leg but Barry working a headlock then a kimura (wow). Palelei out of it and working the body from half guard. Barry looks calm oh man Palelei gets mount and within 2 seconds pounds out a TKO finish. That was scary. Palelei is an animal!

Result: Soa Palelei wins by 1st round KO via punches from mount

Ryan Bader vs. Anthony Perosh

Buffer is doing his thing with the intros, Perosh looks in great shape and he has that no nonsense look. Bader looks like a beast as usual. Fight starts Perosh throwing hands Bader clips him and Perosh tries to grab a leg unsuccessfully. Bader gets Perosh down and bullies Perosh against the cage but Perosh gets up. Bader nails Perosh with the big right and a hurt Perosh lands in return. Perosh rushes in but falls and Bader is back on top landing big punches from on top. Perosh locks up an overhook but Badeer passes to the opposite side. Bader now in half guard working position and punches. Perosh has the arm again but lets it go. Bader is still landing big rights and Perosh is back up. Tough dude. Sizing each other up Bader throws a good jab, Perosh punches his way in close again. Back on the ground Bader continues more of the same. Bader in half guard a few feet from the fence.  The round ends with Bader working heavy ground n pound from half guard. Bader is looking great and Perosh tough as nails.

10-9 Bader for sure

Perosh has Bader briefly pressed against the fence in round 2 but Bader easily reverses and once again is on top of Perosh. Bader passes to side control and is really pounding Perosh with elbows and punches but he is not reckless. Perosh is game and still looking for a limb but to no avail. Perosh working half of a butterfly guard to get Bader off of him but it is also not working. Bader is extremely heavy on top. Big left from Bader from top then an elbow to the body. Perosh has a grip on the wrist but Bader just punches with the other. Bader back to side control. More elbows and Perosh is busted up. Bader traps an arm and continues the elbows. Perosh is scrappy and not giving in but Bader is hell on top

10-9 Bader, Maybe 10-8

Perosh punches his way in again and Bader slugs him and Perosh stumbles. Bader on top again looking to take Perosh’s back. Perosh almost back to his feet but Bader says no. Bader moves to side control and lands a slicing left elbow. Perosh still working what he can but gets punched every single time he starts to get his grips locked. Bader lands a left, and another, and another from behind Perosh. Bader going for the kill and Perosh is STILL HANGING IN!. OK Perosh now has regained full guard and has Bader’s left arm locked up but Bader backs out. Perosh just surviving and now a bloody mess. More GnP from Bader and landing punch after punch after elbow after punch. Bader is just having his way with Perosh going for another finish but Perosh is tough as nails.

10-8 Bader

Result: 30-27, 30-27, 30-26 for Ryan Bader. Absolutely dominant.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. James Te-Huna

The co main event, lets get it going. Inside leg kick by Shogun and a big right. Another leg kick by Shogun. And another. Te Huna goes for a TD aggressively but Shogun defends very nicely circling away. Body shot by Shogun and the n Te Huna throws a powerful left uppercut and WOW Shogun lands a beautiful counter left hook right to the jaw. WOW. BIG KO WIN FOR SHOGUN!!!!

Result: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua wins by 1st round KO

Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

The main event, OUTSTANDING. Center of the cage for both guys. Sizing each other up, Hunt looks to be measuring his big right hand. Silva throws a Jon Jones type side kick to Hunt’s knee. Hunt launches 2 big BIG rights. Silva evaded well. Silva throws a combo of his own. Silva trying to circle away from Hunt’s right. Hunt rushes again with a left and a right, Silva covers. They separate and Silva drops Hunt! Their back up both guys are ok. Hunt flicking out the jab, Silva throws a few low kicks, Hunt returns. Silva throws a right, Hunt still measuring and lands a right.Silva covers well and goes for a TD but Hunt reverses against the fence and is now applying his own pressure against the cage. They separate, front kick by Silva, Round ends with both guys between attacks.

10-9 Silva

Silva throws a few front kicks. Hunt goes right-left-right again and Silva covers and backs away. Hunt attacking more, Silva throws another front kick. Silva pushing forward and Hunt scrambles out very nicely. Spinning back kick by Silva but Hunt is not there. Hunt lands to the body, Silva pawing with his lead hand and throws a higher kick. Low kick countered by Silva but nothing lands until Hunt lands a pretty big punch upstairs. Inside leg kick by Hunt, checked by Silva. NICE kick to the gut by Hunt. Silva returns to the front body. Silva throws an enormous left head kick but Hunt blocks it. Big right by Hunt in close but blocked. Hard kicks land to Hunt’s calf and forearms.

10-9 Silva in a close round

Big left and a right blocked by Silva. Hunt gets the TD but Silva right up and Hunt tosses Silva back but Silva right back up. Another front kick by Silva, Silva ducks under a Hunt punch and pushes Hunt against the fence but Hunt impressively reverses again. They jockey for position against the cage and Silva throws a high kick.  Flurry by Hunt but nobody gives an inch. Hunt has him back against the cage and Hunt lands heavy right as they separate and Hunt lunges forward land a BIG RIGHT dropping Silva. Hunt swarms trying to pull away but Silva seems ok. Hunt better not punch his arms out. He’s in half guard landing short punches to a flattened out Silva. Hunt in great shape so far. Silva looks calm on bottom gaining half guard. Hunt attacking with GnP again solidly on top in half guard. The round ends as Hunt goes for broke with elbows, Silva survives a big onslaught.

10-9 Hunt, things are heating up!

Hunt ducks under a Silva punch and Silva throws a leg kick. Hunt back pushing Silva against the cage, Silva looks tired. Silva grabs the thai clinch but Hunt backs off. Hunt counters a Silva TD attempt with another of his own. Hunt on top in full guard. Hunt stacking Silva looking to unleash more punches. Silva throws his legs up but gives up on any submission attempt. Hunt peppering with short punches and Silva escapes to the feet. Hunt separates and throws a big right. Standing elbow lands by Hunt and they brawl it out with Silva getting the better punches off. Hunt fails on a trip TD attempt and Silva on top throwing elbows. Hunt exhausted now and Silva is on top landing punches. Silva has mount now and Hunt is eating shots. Silva could be finishing it out here. Hunt is bloody, Silva loads up on rights but Hunt survives to the end. AMAZING ROUND!!

10-9 Silva

5th and final round, touch of gloves and they start trading. This is crazy! Both landing sloppy and exhausted. Hunt lands a short left that Hurts Silva. Both guys have their hands at their waist and resume trading. A left lands for Hunt and another and ANOTHER! The crowd is going crazy. Another left for Hunt Silva is wobbled and Hunt is pouring it on. Hunt goes to the body and the head and Silva is so bloody the ref stops it……temporarily. The doc gives the ok to continue and Silva may have benefitted from those few precious breaths. Right lands for Silva and they are just trading against the cage. Big left lands for both guys and a left to the body for Hunt. Silva lands a knee and they are in the center of the cage just duking it out. Hunt presses Silva against the cage again and throws a big left elbow that misses. Silva still against the fence and 10 seconds remain and they Hunt gets the last shot in. ABSOLUTELY insane level of will displayed. It is so unfortunate that one of these men will get a lose for this fight. We await the judges verdict.

I say the last round goes to Hunt, 10-9

Result: one judge had it 48-47 Hunt and the other 2 had it 47-47, the fight is declared a majority draw!!