Hey fight fans! Enjoy our bell-to-bell coverage tonight here at Caged Insider for UFC Fight Night 29 from Ginásio José Corrêa in Barueri, Brazil.

The action starts at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST, and is televised on Fox Sports 1 in the US. The preliminary bouts begin at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST.

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Preliminary Bouts:


Allan Patrick vs. Garett Whiteley (Lightweights)

Patrick holding the cage like an animal being held back during introductions. The bell sounds, and southpaw Patrick rushes in for the takedown — pressing Whiteley against cage. Whiteley gets back up, Patrick hits nice elbow. They disengage. Patrick with leg kick that lands to the groin, and the ref stops it.  Restart, and Whiteley misses a spinning Capoeira kick. Whitely lands an uppercut. Whiteley starts finding his range, gets a nice knee to end a combination. BIG overhand left hand lands from Patrick!! Whitely goes down and a few punches later, we’ve got a T/KO victor, delighting the Brazilian crowd. Patrick fails to answer questions in his post-fight interview, breaking into tears.

Allan Patrick defeats Garrett Whiteley by T/KO (punches) at 3:54 of round one.
Iliarde Santos vs. Chris Cariaso (Flyweights)

Round One: The fighters touch gloves. Both miss high round kicks, and pace around one another to begin. Santos trips Cariaso down in a clinch, right into side control. Cariaso tries to escape but Santos moves to back mount, then spins to kneebar but Cariaso spins out. They scramble to their feet and end up clinched against the cage. Nice body kick by Santos lands.  Santos follows with punches, including a nice left to the body. Cariaso appears to be slowing. Santos presses to the cage, gets another takedown. Santos works in Cariaso’s guard as time expires. 10-9 round to Santos.

Round Two: Both guys exchange straight hands. Santos with follows with knees to the head. Good jab lands from Cariaso. He follows up with uppercut-hook combo and Santos stumbles to the canvas.  Hammer-fists from Cariaso in guard keep Santos on the defensive. Santos finally scrambles, makes it to his feet, and lands another knee to the face. This fight has totally turned around! Santos is bloodied and slowing. Cariaso’s jab lands again. Cariaso lands a body kick and a 1-2, Santos is staggered again. Cariaso with a hard knee to the body and series of straight punches. Ref steps in as Santos is staggering around the cage. The crowd (and Ken Florian on commentary) don’t like the stoppage but it looked sensible to me.

Chris Cariaso defeats Iliarde Santos by T/KO (punches) at 4:31 of second round.

With both bouts ending within the distance, we’ve got a little time to kill. In the broadcast, Chael Sonnen is picking the upset in both the main event and the co-main event. He says SHields has a slight advantage and Kim should be able to get Silva down and keep him there. Sonnen likes his grinders…

Yan Cabral vs. David Mitchell (Welterweights)

Round One: Hey, both guys are orthodox, that’s the first time that’s happened tonight. Cabral maneuvers around Mitchell, drags him down and takes back mount right away. Mitchell escapes to half butterfly — but Cabral passes beautifully, to land a few rights in mount. They scramble, and Cabral moves to side control, then back mount again. Beautiful ground sequences here. Crowd chanting “jiu-jitsu,” that takes me back! Mitchell repositions to guard as we’re halfway through the round. Mitchell turtles as Cabral passes to side and makes it to his feet. Mitchell takes Cabral to his knees in the clinch, but they spring right back up.

A minute left — Mitchell misses a left hook. They clinch, and Cabral looking to bear hug and trip him down again, as time expires. 10-9 Cabral.

Round Two:  Cabral with a big right! Mitchell crumbles to the mat and Cabral follows him down, trying to hold him in back mount. Cabral moving between a modified scarf hold to side control but Mitchell makes it back to his feet. Mitchell looking for a Kimura. He falls back to complete the hold, but Cabral escapes, escapes a triangle, and passes guard again. Mitchell escapes but Cabral takes him right back down.  Mitchell avoids damage but getting dominated as far as positioning goes. Another 10-9 round for Cabral.

Round Three: Listless standup exchange to begin the round, and they clinch against the cage. Cabral drops to shoot the takedown and gets it. Mitchell looking for the Kimura but Cabral escapes, and passes to mount. Cabral again transitions to the back and attacks with the rear naked choke, but Mitchell escapes. Cabral lands in side control. Mitchell recovers guard and attacks with a triangle, but Cabral escapes and passes again. Cabral attacks with kata-gatame but Mitchell escapes nicely. Bell sounds and it’s three rounds to nil for Cabral.

Yan Cabral defeats David Mitchell by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Ildemar Alcantara vs. Igor Araujo (Welterweights)

Round One: High kicks from Araujo, then shoots for takedown. Alcantara sprawls out. Araujo stumbles down but Alcantara lets him up. Alcantara shrugs off another takedown and they clinch against the cage.  Alcantara with a takedown, Araujo sweeps from butterfly guard, but fails with a guillotine and ends up on bottom. Alcantara attacks with what looks like a version of the anaconda choke — Florian calls it a “Ninja Choke”– but Araujo escapes. Araujo with some striking in Alcantara’s guard as time expires. Even round.

Round Two: Araujo lands a nice right hand and a knee to begin. Alcantara with takedown, Araujo attacks with a shoulder lock (the omoplata), then transitions to a choke (the “Gogoplata”).  Alcantara escapes and postures up to pass, but no dice. Alcantara with a right hand in Araujo’s guard. Araujo sweeps, and passes to half, hitting a few hammer-fists. Araujo looking for the D’Arce choke, but Alcantara escapes. Still, a clear 10-9 round for Araujo.

Round Three:   Alcantara, whose name is being pronounced several different ways on commentary (ugh!), is looking exhausted. Araujo clinches and trips him down. Alcantara looking for a Kimura, as Araujo hits body shots. Slow round — they’re stuck in half guard. Alcantara tries to entangle Araujo in a heel hook, but he steps away. Araujo gets back in Alcantara’s guard for some strikes. Araujo is a +275 underdog by the way, and he’s winning this round. Alcantara tries another heel hook but can’t quite lever it. Araujo passes to mount for a few punches as time expires. I’ve got this round, and fight, for Araujo.

Igor Araujo defeats Ildemar Alcantara by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Back to the studio, Sonnen is picking an upset win for Matt Hamill later tonight, too. Main card next!!!

Main Card:
Raphael Assunção vs. T.J. Dillashaw (Bantamweights)

Round One:  Assunção begins looking for wheel kick, and lands a punching combination. Inside leg kick from Dillashaw from the orthodox stance. Dillashaw switches to southpaw, where he shoots and lands takedown.

Assunção immediately springs up, goes orthodox and lands a nice 1-2. Leg kick from Dillashaw, who has also switched back to orthodox.

Dillashaw scrambles to back and takes back standing, going for choke.

Rapheal escapes but Dillashaw attacks with it again, another escape. Crowd cheers as Assunção escapes to his feet and hits an uppercut – hook.

Back to southpaw, Assunção stalking Dillashaw as time expires. Close round but I’ve got Assunção.

Round Two: Nice kick and punch combination from  Assunção, who is back to southpaw stance. Assunção drops back for a guillotine, Dillashaw escapes. Assunção tries to roll into another choke but no dice. Big left hook for Assunção. Dillashaw stalking Assunção — they’re both orthodox again — and lands a nice uppercut. The bell sounds, and this was clearly Assunção’s round.

Round Three: Assunção lands a right hand, but Dillashaw back at him with hand combo’s. Uppercut lands hard from Dillashaw. Jab from Assunção, who is moving backwards. Dillashaw shrugs off a Assunção takedown when they clinch, and lands a knee to the midsection. Assunção with another jab. The action is slowing and the crowd is restless.

Dillashaw lands a nice left hook. High roundhouse kick from Assunção glances.  Dillashaw with a straight right. They continue to exchange, switching stances. Assunção misses a right, Dillashaw with a left hook counter. Bell sounds.  Dillashaw’s striking was a little more impressive in this round, so I’m scoring it for him. 10-9 Dillashaw. The fight could go either way.

Raphael Assunção defeats T.J Dillashaw by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).
Rousimar Palhares vs. Mike Pierce (Welterweights)

Round One: Pierce shoots the takedown and gets it. Palhares scrambles out, gets a single leg, and rolls back for his patented heel hook. He has to switch his grip, but he gets it!!! Pierce taps! Palhares fails to release right away and has to be pulled off Pierce by referee Keith Peterson.

Rousimar Palhares defeats Mike Pierce by submission (heel hook) at 0:30 of round one.
Fabio Maldonado vs. Joey Beltran (Light Heavyweights)

Round One: Both guys orthodox, trying to establish the jab. Beltran shoots in to force Maldonado against the cage. Beltran attacks with punches to the body, one lands low. Referee Mario Yamasaki stops the action to warn Beltran.

Maldanado signals he’s okay and we re-start. Nice left from Beltran as they re-start. He forces to the cage, but can’t quite finish the takedown.

Nice knees to the body and combination punches to the head from Beltran against the cage. Maldanado trying some punches to the body.

Elbow shot from Beltran, who is dominating the clinch. Nice short left hook and uppercut from Maldonado.

Beltran drops for a takedown, Maldonado with guillotine which fails. They scramble back up. Nice elbow from Beltran to punctuate a 10-9 round in his favor.

Round Two: Maldonado has better fortune establishing the jab to begin. He lands a nice 1-2 as well. Beltran again gets the fight to the fence as Maldonado jaws at him and dares him to clinch him there. Good elbow and knee from Beltran in the clinch, knocking Maldonado’s mouthpiece out. Yamasaki stops the bout to gather it and we re-start. Nice jabs by Maldonado, then another solid 1-2. Maldonado lancing with his jab, finding his mark more and more. Beltran forces the clinch but is tagged by an uppercut. Maldonado’s jab is landing at will as time expires. 10-9, Maldonado.

Round Three: Maldonado begins lancing with his jab, snapping Beltran’s head back. A counter right from Beltran finally lands. Maldonado clubs him with a right as he tries to move in for a takedown. They clinch against the cage… for a full minute. Yamasaki finally separates them. Maldonado continues with the jab and 1-2’s, but Beltran hits his counter right again. Maldonado is bleeding from the mouth. Body punching from Maldonado in the clinch — sounds like a wooden mallet hitting a steak. One lands low, and they’re separated again. Beltran looking for the takedown, presses Maldonado against the cage in a head lock. Beltran lands a few uppercuts to the face & head as time expires. A close round, but I gave it to Beltran, 10-9. Maldonado just didn’t keep distance enough.

But, the judges see it differently.
Fabio Maldonado defeats Joey Beltran by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Thiago Silva vs. Matt Hamill (Catchweight of 208 lbs. — Silva missed weight)

Round One: Hamill advances with the jab. He lands a 1-2, then shoots a takedown and gets it! Silva scrambles to his feet and circles away. Good leg kicks from Silva. Head kick from Silva. Hamill still going forward. Hamill lands a body shot. Silva with punching combinations. Another leg kick. Hamill trying to counter but he’s getting narrowly out-landed. Good left to the body from Hamill. Silva scores another combo as time expires. I’m scoring this 10-9, Silva.

Round Two: Hamill with leg kick, shoots a takedown but Silva scrambles right back up. Silva establishing a jab now. Spinning elbow attempt from Hamill. Leg kicks finding their home from Silva. The pace is slowing. Big 3-2 combination from Silva. Hamill hits the deck! Silva follows him down, looking for the back. Roundhouse hooks landing to the head of Hamill, who is bloodied and hobbling around the Octagon. Silva looks tired too, but he’s kicking well to the lead leg of Hamill and landing the occasional straight punch. Hamill finally tries another takedown, and gets it. Silva struggles to the turtle position as time expires. 10-9 round for Silva again.

Round Three:  Silva sprawls out of a takedown to take Hamill’s back. Hamill fights to his feet. Jab and leg kick from Silva find their mark. They both look tired. Silva with hard leg kick. Silva shrugs off a weak takedown attempt from Hamill. Silva turns away in a striking exchange — a finger hit his eye. Ref halts the action.

At the re-start, more leg kicks from Silva, who is totally taking the fight over now. Jab from Silva. They clinch against the cage at the halfway mark. Silva circles out, landing more straight punches. Silva uses an overhook to defend a Hamill takedown. Knee to the body from Silva. Hamill so exhausted his hands go to his knees as they separate. Leg kicks from each leg from Silva. The final horn mercifully sounds for Hamill, who loses the round and the fight.

Thiago Silva defeats Matt Hamill by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

Erick Silva vs. Dong Hyun Kim (Welterweights)

Round One:  Kim clinches immediately looking for the single leg. Silva shrugs him off but Kim stays on him for another, but Silva circles away. Silva being backed up — gets some knees in the clinch. Silva with an uppercut and hook to the head — and knee to the body. They clinch against the cage. Silva almost knocks referee Mario Yamasaki down circling away. Wild hook and spinning backfist both miss from Kim. But Silva stumbles, and Kim pounces. He almost immediately passes to mount.  Crowd boo’ing as Kim forces him to the cage. Silva moves to deep half guard and tries a leg lock. Kim escapes, keeps top position. Kim tries Kimura in half guard — lets go and hits a right. He stands, with Silva looking for a leg lock as time expires.

I’d like to give it to Kim but he did nothing with the mount. 10-9 round for Silva.

Round Two: Silva with a big flying knee to start. Kim is staggered, and Silva hits another! Elbow from Silva. Wild striking exchange sees Kim mostly miss. Kim looks for the clinch. Right hand buckles Kim. Silva with a body lock to take Kim’s back at the midway point. Knee to the body hits for Silva. Both fighters throw overhand lefts and BAM! Kim lands. Silva falls flat. Kim pounces for a hammerfist and Silva is knocked out cold. Knockout victory for Kim!!!

 Dong Hyun Kim defeats Erick Silva by knockout (punch) at 3:01 of round two.

Main Event: Demian Maia vs. Jake Shields (Welterweights)

Round One: Maia shoots immediately, getting Shields against the cage and whipping him to the mat after a brief struggle. Crowd chants “jiu-jitsu!” as Maia struggles to pass. Shields escapes to his feet, gets a body lock on Maia. Maia gets underhooks and takes Shields down again. Shields gives his back trying to get up — but Shields is able to reverse and gets in Maia’s half guard. Shields trying some body punches but Maia moving well and keeping him tight — finally, getting butterfly guard. Shields struggling to strike as time expires. Very difficult round to score. I’ll call it even, Shields striking slightly more effectively, Maia with more takedowns, and one submission attempt.

Round Two: Shields counters a high crotch from Maia to take him down. Shields hits some short elbows in the guard. Maia gets an overhook, struggling to hip escape under Shields’ pressure. In half guard, Shields lands a few more punches. Maia elevates his hips to attack with a triangle, but Shields escapes easily. Two minutes left, and the crowd is restless.  A few more elbows from Shields and he threatens side control, switching his base.  Maia repositions his full guard, again using the overhook to set up a triangle, but Shields keeps his defensive posture as time expires. 10-9 round for Shields.

Round Three: The two pace about the Octagon to begin. Shields lands a few leg kicks. Maia looking for the straight left, finally gets it. They clinch against the cage. Maia attacks with a trip takedown, Shields floats over his back to counter and they scramble back to their feet. Big 1-2 from Maia and a takedown. Maia tries to take the back, and Shields escapes to take the top! Shields in Maia’s half guard, but he steps back into the Brazilian’s guard. Shields slowly working in Maia’s guard. Crowd boo’ing with one minute left. Shields continues to grind with “pitter-patter” punches and an elbow — until the end of the stanza. 10-9 round for Shields.

 Round Four: Maia with a nice right hook to begin, then starts looking for the 1-2. Shields shoots, and Maia sprawls with his back to the cage, where he gets double underhooks. They pummel back and forth, eventually ending up in over-under position against the cage where they’re finally separated almost halfway through the round. Maia trying more 1-2’s, Shields shoots but Maia sprawls out, then counters a takedown to get in Shields’ guard. Punches to body and head from Maia as the action slows down again. The referee stands them up with less than a minute left, to boo’s from the crowd.  Maia blocks a Shields high kick and lands a straight left. The horn sounds, and I’ve got that one for Maia (10-9).

Round Five: Some listless standup to begin, and Maia sprawls out of a Shields takedown. High kick from Shields glances. Shields shoots again, and Maia sprawls against the cage, looking for underhooks. They pummel back and forth and Shields lands that high kick again. Nice left straight from Maia. Shields shoots again but Maia sprawls out. One minute left and they’re pinned against the cage again. Referee separates with 0:30. Maia with a big left, then lands a 1-2 in an exchange. Horn sounds. I’ll give it to Maia, narrowly — which leaves us with a draw.

It’s another split decision… for:

Jake Shields defeats Demian Maia by Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47).

Hope you enjoyed the play-by-play tonight. Thanks for joining us!