Alistair Overeem is in a pretty interesting situation heading into this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 26 bout with Travis Browne. If he destroys the rising heavyweight, then “The Demolition Man’s” bandwagon will be packed full with jubilant fans once again, saying he could be the next heavyweight king. If Overeem loses, then critics will scream he was overrated all along and couldn’t cut it in the UFC.  After he was blasted by “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 156 in February, there’s already people who believe that. In other words, there’s just a wee bit of pressure on the big Dutch heavyweight right now.

Despite all the speculation and questions as to why Overeem lost to Silva, or what’s on the line this Saturday, the 33 year-old has being doing a good job presenting a pretty calm demeanor. Case in point, during a recent media call to promote UFC FN 26, here is some of what the former Strikeforce champ had to say about his mindset and future.

“I’ve just been focused on my thing,” said Overeem, who stormed through Brock Lesnar in his 2011, UFC debut. “I’m not really focused on what other people think, or what’s going to happen after this fight. I’m just focused on one thing and getting back on track.”

“For me, I’m just really focused on my own development,” Overeem added. “I was recovering from an injury, getting back on track, and I made a lot of changes in the camp and the preparation, the whole process. I’ve been just focused on myself and for me it’s just important to get that win. I put one hundred percent of my effort into that, into my preparation, and it’s up to the gentleman of the UFC what they’re going to do next.”

The feared striker definitely isn’t rocking the boat by declaring he’s going to destroy Browne and then march on to Cain Velasquez is he? If you’re wondering, Overeem is the favourite to win the fight on the betting lines in the range of -190 to -250. Things could get crazy Saturday night in Boston.

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