Cole Miller made an appeal to the Massachusetts Athletic Commission following his loss to Manny Gamburyan this past August.

Miller felt that Gamburyan should have been ruled finished after he was given longer than a minute between the first and second rounds. Miller nailed him with several elbows that were not deemed illegal.

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Below is what was posted on Miller’s official website in regards to the denied appeal by the commission:

I recently filed an appeal with the state of Massachusetts Athletic Commission for what I feel is an obvious violation of the rules as stated in Massachusetts handbook for Mixed Martial Arts and Unarmed Combat. This violation… also obviously… changed the outcome of my fight against Manny Gamburyan.

My appeal was denied due to, “inconclusive evidence.” The only way to come to this decision would be to completely ignore the crystal clear VIDEO EVIDENCE.

It is my opinion that if the same athletic commission were trying to find a fighter guilty of a rule infraction – the exact same level of evidence would have been deemed OVERWHELMING.

For that reason, I would like to give the details of my appeal.

Here is the breakdown of what happened in between the first and second round of my bout with Manny Gamburyan this past August in Boston.

The appeal was to the decision to let the fight continue after more than 2 minutes had gone by when a fighter is to receive 1 minute. If the fighter can not continue after one minute the fight must be stopped.

You can see all the rules for which I am citing at the bottom.

The TS and the lengthy numbers are referring to Timestamps which references video provided by the UFC of the bout.

Also, I wasn’t allowed to argue this, but the judges gave Manny Gamburyan the decision, one giving him the nod for every single round. I was told by Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta I had won the fight. All major MMA websites scored the play by play for me 30-27 winning every round.

Miller is now 20-8 after returning in October and defeating Andy Ogle. He has gone 3-4 in his last seven, with all four losses coming via decision.