Jason Knight has always come across as the dude who was the best, most fearsome fighting in the trailer park, and he built up some nice momentum racking up Octagon win after Octagon win. But he asked for and got a step up in competition, and Ricardo Lamas totally housed him. Now, it’s all about Knight getting back on the winning track.

Too bad TUF Latam 1 veteran Gabriel Benitez had other ideas.

They come out swinging in the first, and then clinch up against the cage, and suddenly the ref has to separate them because Knight has bitten Benitez on the hand (!). Knight loses a point, and this is the first clue that desperation to earn that “W” is making him a little less civilized. After a restart, Benitez just out-boxes his opponent, and in between trying to throw power-punches, Knight is hunting for takedowns. Instead, Benitez gets him down, and when Knight threatens with an armbar, Benitez gets up and spends the rest of the round bopping him with a jab.

Knight gets a takedown early in Round 2, but he can’t hold Benitez down, and after regaining his footing, Benitez takes him down. He greets another armbar attempt by just standing up, and resumes smoking Knight on the feet – despite being eye-gouged (Knight doesn’t lose a point for that one).

Round 3 is all about Benitez out-classing Knight on the feet, and in the waning seconds, getting on top and raining down fists.


Results: Gabriel Benitez def. Jason Knight via Unanimous Decision