Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

If you ever wondered who has the better MMA fighter between China and India, Song Yadong and Bharat Kandare are here to answer your question.

Granted, these guys would probably get slaughtered by any regional MMA champ here in the States, but still, China versus India, yo.

It’s all about the flashy techniques for these two, as they open up with jumping kicks, spinning kicks, wide punches coming from Outer Mongolia, spinning backfists – you have to wonder if they full grasp what actually works in a cage fight. However, once Yadong slips into boxing mode, he starts to see results, and that forces Kandare to shoot for a bad takedown. Yadong latches onto his neck with a front facelock, and after Kandare covers a bit of real estate struggling to resist, he finally taps out.


Results: Song Yadong def. Bharat Kandare via Submission (Guillotine) at 4:16, R1