Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Oh look, it’s another guy named Song. Although I doubt it’s actually Song, it’s just how the Chinese letters are sounded out phonetically in English. I mean, think about how many viewers you’d alienate if you just put the Chinese letters up on the graphics.

So. Song Kenan versus Bobby Nash. Obviously, Kenan is the local talent, and Nash is the 0-2 dude who gets knocked out easily.

The bout opens with Nash kicking Kenan in the junk almost immediately. They restart, and Kenan smokes Nash with a right. Nash goes down, grabs a leg, eats more punches and the ref jumps in with the American so dazed he’d shoot a takedown on a tree stump if there was one in the Octagon.


Results: Song Kenan def. Bobby Nash via TKO (Punches) at :15, R1