Although born in Iran, Ashkan Mokhtarian has made Australia his home – thereby making him a ‘local boy’ for the Australian crowd to cheer for. Of course, every hero needs a villain, so for UFC Fight Night 121’s prelim ‘main event’, that villain was Ryan Benoit, a kid with a pretty mottled Octagon record but willing to bang.

Unfortunately, once the referee said “go”, banging wasn’t really in Mokhtarian’s game plan, as all he did for much of the bout was circle and move, circle and move. Benoit tried to catch him, nailing him with a single decent punch in the first, and taking him down briefly in Round 2, but clearly Mokhtarian thought this fight was a footrace.

Then came Round 3, when Mokhtarian came forward with jabs and crosses and even a spinning backfist. What did Benoit do? Oh, he simply put his shin upside Mokhtarian’s head, and watched the Iranian crumble to the canvas in a heap.


Results: Ryan Benoit def. Ashkan Mokhtarian via KO (Kick) at 2:38, R3