Will Brooks was a stud in Bellator, earning their lightweight championship belt by beating the organization’s best. And when free agency presented itself, Brooks was out of there and into the Octagon in a flash.

But goodness gracious has his UFC career been a total disaster. After edging out Ross Pearson, Brooks fell to Alex Oliveira and Charles Oliveira. UFC Fight Night 121 opponent Nik Lentz was supposed to be a chance for the former Bellator champ to right the course of his ship.

Lentz is a pretty salty vet at this point, but we’ve seen his best days and they’re behind him – and when Brooks spent much of the fight doing the Nate Diaz-head bob that kept Lentz’s punches whiffing by, while almost tagging Lentz at will with his own punches, it seemed like this was Brooks’ fight to lose.

Well, he found a way. Repeatedly, Brooks kept going for takedowns that left his head exposed, and finally Lentz managed to latch on with a guillotine and force the tap.


Results: Nik Lentz def. Will Brooks via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 2:05, R2