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Since this UFC event took place in Australia, it should’ve been Mark Hunts’ show to headline. But the New Zealander and the UFC haven’t been getting along lately, so cue former heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum, who took marquee slot opposite Marcin Tybura.

Tybura has racked up some wins in the Octagon, including one over Andrei Arlovski, but Werdum was a definite step up in competition.

For a world-class jiu-jitsu guy, Werdum often has to rely on his striking a lot. Which is fine, because when he goes up against a fighter who isn’t an elite face-puncher, he can get the job done.

Well, he got the job done against Tybura, who proved to be hella resilient and good at keeping the fight on the fight, but that was about it. Werdum, on the other hand, was effective with his knees and kicks, and even hurt Tybura with punches at one point.

The Brazilian’s takedown finally came in the fourth, and spends the fifth round just owning Tybura on the feet.


Results: Fabricio Werdum def. Marcin Tybura via Unanimous Decision