Beware those fights that pit your old UFC heroes against each other, because only sadness awaits.

That was pretty much the story going into the match-up between cage veterans Clay Guida and Joe Lauzon, whose combined time in the Octagon tallies up to about 100 years. Who was going to look the worst? Who was going to show their mileage and crumble to attacks they would’ve normally eaten for breakfast in ages past?

The answer: Lauzon. Once the referee said “go”, the two circled and then began swinging, and it was Guida who landed first, stunning Lauzon with punches until Lauzon was on his back foot and getting wobbly. Guida pursued, and dropped him with an uppercut, and pounded on him until the ref decided Lauzon was dead. (Seriously, it was a late stoppage, and once the ref intervened, Guida pulled Lauzon up and hugged him as if to say he was sorry).

Results: Clay Guida def. Joe Lauzon via TKO (Punches) at 1:07, R1