We’ve seen Anthony Pettis as champ, and it was a fun ascent and brief but exciting run as king. But he’s long since declined, and will likely never again taste gold. Dustin Poirier on the other hand… maybe he can still must up the momentum to break through to the upper echelons of the divisional elite. If so, he could still be champ one day.

On Saturday, UFC Fight Night 120 will pit the former champ against the man who’s tried so hard to earn top-contender status. Obviously, the version of Pettis who was once considered the best in the world could have destroyed Poirier handily, but that version is long gone. And if the version of Poirier who was on the verge of crumbling against Eddie Alvarez makes another appearance in the cage this weekend, Pettis could win. However, we’ve seen flashes of greatness from Poirier – recently and further in the past – and if those flashes come in a steady stream, well, then who’s to say Poirier won’t soon wear the crown?

Here’s a video of Poirier in action.