Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The knock against John Lineker is that he can’t beat the best fighters, and he’s always struggled to make weight. But the little guy is the fiercest, most hard-hitting dude out there – and now Marlon Vera knows this firsthand.

Though taller, and sporting a reach advantage that in theory should’ve yielded him some positive results, Vera was cautious of Lineker’s insane power and penchant for slugging people into oblivion from the very beginning. And at first, Lineker gave Vera some respect as well. This lead to some methodical (read: less than exciting) striking in the first. But, whenever he got into range, Lineker opening up that can of whoop-ass and sprayed it everywhere. Vera stayed mobile, but the fists that landed had Lineker taking the first round for sure.

After making some tactical adjustments, Vera began to really try to work his opponent’s legs with kicks in the second, and the addition of knees in the clinch were definitely his attempt at trying to poke holes in Lineker’s defenses. But Lineker cared not one bit about any of that stuff – he just kept punching – and after sweeping out Vera’s leg, delivered some hellacious ground and pound for a short spell.

Vera added some Hail-Mary flying knees into the mix in the third, and probably took the round based on volume, but it was too little too late, and when time ran out the judges went with the obvious choice.


Results: John Lineker def. Marlon Vera via Unanimous Decision