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Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 119, which came to us from Brazil last night, and featured a main event pitting the returning Lyoto Machida against Derek Brunson, as well as a bunch of Brazilians – some of them fed easy fights, some of them thrown to the sharks.

First up: Hacran Dias of Team Nova Uniao versus Jared Gordon. Gordon isn’t the first ex-junkie to fight in the Octagon – every time TUF winner Court McGee fights, we’re reminded of his shady past. But Gordon is the latest iteration of that trope, and combined with his toughness and jiu-jitsu… man, oh man.

Make no mistake about it, Dias was the far more accurate, far more damaging boxer when the fight began, as he repeatedly out-landed the advancing American in every exchange. But the funny thing is, despite eating leather like it was delicious, Gordon just kept coming forward throwing heat of his own, and the pace was relentless. By the end of Round 1, Dias was huffing and puffing – and he did all the damage!

Gordon kept up his offense in the second, and Dias went from landing nearly everything to landing some and absorbing a lot more. A late takedown soon had Gordon on top, punching and punching and punching, and Dias’ jiu-jitsu went completely out the window. He was just too spent. For some odd reason, the referee never jumped in – even though Dias was mounted and getting pounded nearly to death – and the fight went into the third round. Of course, that round was barely any different, and while the clocking was ticking down to zero, it was all about Gordon raining hell down from above.

What a total beating.


Results: Jared Gordon def. Hacran Dias via Unanimous Decision