Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Getting old sucks, especially when you’re a fighter whose name was built upon unwavering heart and determination. Because what happens when the body no longer does what it used to? That heart and determination leads to an awful lot of beatings.

That’s where we are with Jim Miller, who is a beloved fan-favorite because of his propensity for giving every fight everything he has. But time (and hard mileage) have taken a toll, and now it’s all about Miller being able to inflict enough damage in early rounds before opponents take over when he fades.

Such was the case against Francisco Trinaldo last night. Miller started off strong, wading in to catch a kick and take Trinaldo down, and then put some heat on him. The Brazilian brown belt reversed and stood, and again Miller got him down, but Trinaldo knew what was up. He held on and stifled the American’s offense, and after the eventual restart on the feet, Miller’s time in the driver’s seat was up.

From then on, Trinaldo was able to land the crisper, more accurate strikes, and when Miller jumped into a guillotine attempt in Round 2, Trinaldo was able to muscle out of it and just grind away. More striking, and more punishment from top position in the third, and it ended up being the same sad song for guy who’s been competing in this sport since 2005.


Results: Francisco Trinaldo def. Jim Miller via Unanimous Decision