Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Some fighters just have that kind of charisma that garners them legions of fans whenever they’re in the cage or in front of the camera.

Colby Covington is not one of those fighters.

In the UFC Fight Night 119 co-main event, the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter took on jiu-jitsu master Demian Maia, and leading up to the bout, Covington was all about talking trash. Which is fine, this is the Conor McGregor Era, and you need to speak ill if you want bigger fights. But during and after a fight… how do you lose fans with a winning performance? Allow Colby Covington to demonstrate.

At first, Maia was beating the crap out of the American. And it was happening on the feet, where neither man is anything special. But Maia kept winging that hard left, and while Covington expertly avoided the clinch and the takedowns that would’ve spelled his doom, he was getting bloody and wobbled in a big way.

Unfortunately, Maia was utterly spent after the first round, so after that it was all about his horrifyingly-sloppy takedown attempts, and Covington stuffing them and battering him in return. By the end of Round 3, Maia was a gigantic hamburger patty, completely mashed into the grill.

And then came the postfight interview, which saw Covington insult all of Brazil. Nice job, man. At least McGregor was respectful to Aldo after smoking him.


Results: Colby Covington def. Demian Maia via Unanimous Decision