If you ever spent any time in a karate dojo, toiling away on funky katas and practicing stances that have virtually no application to a real fight, then odds are you were pretty thrilled when Lyoto Machida was kicking butt in the Octagon. After all, he was kind of the first fighter to make karate work enough in the cage to win a UFC belt.

I know I was thrilled, because that was something special.

Unfortunately, like every athlete subject to the ravages of time, “The Dragon” got old, and his wins grew scarce. And then he was suspended for a USADA violation, and Machida was gone altogether.

But this weekend he’s back! In Brazil! Fighting in a main event opposite Derek Brunson!

Brunson is no world-beater, so maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of the karate stud of old. But if we don’t, well, at least we have this hype vid to feast upon.