Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Polish national Damian Stasiak would’ve loved to have notched a win before his hometown crowd. Too bad he faced Brian Kelleher, whose extensive resume of pre-Octagon fights had him the far more experienced veteran once the cage door shut.

Stasiak was on point with his striking and aggression in the first, seemingly shutting down the American before Kelleher could set himself and mount an offense. From low-kicks to the calves to spinning kicks to the body, Stasiak was chipping away at his foe at will, and only when Kelleher mixed in a guillotine attempt did he finally get in the game.

However, in a punching exchange early in Round 2, Kelleher managed to smash Stasiak’s nose, and from then on it was Beatdown City, population: Stasiak. The Polish fighter kept up with his kicks, and shot for takedowns that forced Kelleher to work hard escape from, but in return Kelleher kept punching. And when he mixed in some knees to the dome… forget about it. Stasiak was struggling to stay alive.

Kelleher came out even stronger in the third, working Stasiak over on the ground, and though Stasiak rolled out of trouble countless times, the clock was ticking on his inevitable loss. Finally, with Stasiak clinging to Kelleher’s leg in a failed takedown attempt, and Kelleher beating his face relentlessly, the ref was forced to step in.


Results: Brian Kelleher def. Damian Stasiak via TKO (Punches) at 3:39, R3