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He isn’t a bad fighter at all – in fact, he’s got the skills to beat up many fighters on the feet. Plus, he’s cocky and entertaining when he fights with his hands down, hurling taunts. But the most notable thing about Artem Lobov isn’t anything he brings into the cage, it’s the fact that he’s buds with Conor McGregor, and usually McGregor is cageside for his fights, going berserk.

Such was the case with Lobov’s UFC Fight Night 118 bout against Team Alpha Male fighter Andre Fili.

Fili has been alternating wins and losses since coming to the UFC back in 2013, while Lobov is coming off a failed bid to take out Cub Swanson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 108.

From the outset, it was clear Fili had done his homework, as whenever Lobov set himself and prepared to goad him into a striking-counterstriking contest, the Team Alpha Male rep would shoot out a jab and quickly angle off to the side. This gave the Russian fits, and in no time Lobov was bloody, hurling taunts with his hands down, and trying to play catch up. Round 1 ended with a big exclamation point, with Fili dropping Lobov with a kick to the head.

Lobov made some adjustments in Round 2, and tried to slow his opponent’s movement’s with kicks, but that just prompted Fili to start mixing in takedown attempts, with those attempts becoming more and more successful as time passed. At one point, when Fili was in Lobov’s guard, the ref paused the action to admonish McGregor, who was walking around the cage shouting instructions to his teammate – a big “no-no”, since a fighter is only allowed three licensed cornermen (which McGregor was not).

When the takedowns came with even more frequency in the third round, that sealed the deal for Fili.


Results: Andre Fili def. Artem Lobov via Unanimous Decision