Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Whenever the UFC travels to Asia, we get to see some regional players who might not be ready for the international stage. They fight hard, though. And this is especially true of the women – which for UFC Fight Night 117, meant a bout between Syrui Kondo and Chan-Mi Jeon.

They opened round one measured but clearly willing, pecking with jabs and, when they were close enough, elbows and knees. Neither really took a chunk out of the other, although in terms of power landed, Kondo seemed to rack up more on the scorecards. The momentum shifted with in the second, with Kondo rocking Jeong and turning up the heat with punches. Eventually she recovers, although the round ends with her bleeding. They furious fisticuffs continue throughout the third, and then it’s in the judges’ hands.


Results: Syrui Kondo def. Chan-Mi Jeong via Split Decision