Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Uriah Hall’s entire TUF and UFC run has been a remarkable blend of uninspired performances mixed in with flashes of utter brilliance. Krzystof Jotko has had his moments as well, and while his record is less marred with losses, it’s not like he’s faced the killers Hall has.

The first round opens with Jotko applying a ton of forward pressure with his strikes, forcing Hall to do that one thing usually spells his doom: fight while going backwards. The tactic pays off, with Jotko soon rocking Hall with uppercuts. Hall tumbles, gets up, and gets taken down – all the while with Jotko battering him relentlessly. Somehow Hall scrambles up, but with the Polish grappler on his back, the TUF vet goes back down to escape the choke. Miraculously, he survives the round, but man did he take a beating.

Round 2 opens with Hall pouring on the aggression, and though his spinning kicks don’t land, he’s throwing stuff out there that forces Jotko to defend. And then Hall clips him with a right hand, and Jotko is out. What a comeback!


Results: Uriah Hall def. Krzstof Jotko via KO (Punches) at 2:25, R2