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Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 116, an event coming out of Pittburgh, PA, and featuring the return of Luke Rockhold in the main event.

First up: jiu-jitsu stud Gilbert Burns against Canadian ham-and-egger Jason Saggo.

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Despite a hefty grappling pedigree, Burns comes out sling kicks, and when they tangle, the Brazilian tags Saggo with a knee to the chops. But eventually Saggo grabs a kicks and sends his foe tumbling. Burns makes his way back up, nails a takedown of his own, and shows some positional dominance until almost the end of the round.

Saggo turns up the heat in the second round by winging punches – he clearly doesn’t want to play to his opponent’s strengths. After some spurts of wrestling, they open up with their boxing… and WHAMMO, Burns catches Saggo with a right hand that puts him out completely.


Results: Gilbert Burns def. Jason Saggo via KO (Punch) at 4:55, R2