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Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 115, which took place today in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and came to us via Fight Pass. The main event saw longtime Octagon heavyweight Stefan Struve strap on the gloves to face Bellator refugee Alexander Volkov, while the rest of the card had… had… well, it was a Fight Pass event, so yeah.

First up: Andrew Holbrook versus Thibault Gouti. Holbrook is 2-2 in the UFC, and since his losses have come via knockout, you have to think his career trajectory will eventually see him pushing a broom in some high school while he struggles to remember his name. Gouti is a blazing hot 0-3 in the Octagon, but he’s from France, and when France finally legalizes MMA, you just know Gouti is going to be a cornerstone of that first Parisian show.

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Round 1 opens with Holbrook hunting for that takedown like his life depends on it, while Gouti does his best to make him pay and, when Holbrook does get him down, get the hell back up as quick as possible. Gouti racks up the points with all his strikes, and eventually he catches Holbrook with kick to the noggin’. The Frenchman follows him down, and after a while they both get up, but Gouti turns up the heat with his punches and soon Holbrook withers.


Results: Thibault Gouti def. Andrew Holbrook via TKO (Punches) at 4:28, R1